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Yoga Master

Event Creator


Map Maker

Cultural Fan

And much more...

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"Be your own map reader.
Dare to explore the unexpected and in steadiness unfold your wings"

Creating new perspectives

My passion is to act as a travel companion; a map maker for those wishing to explore new paths to create

a more abundant and joyful future. Whether it’s sharing yoga, as your guide at a retreat

or as your extended arm creating your dream event. 

When together we dare to unfold the unexplored, we create new common stories and discover new perspectives. 

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For me one of the most beautiful things with yoga is that it can mean and be so many various things depending on where we are in life.

Yoga offers valuable tools through life; tools to calibrate towards equilibrium.  


So wherever you meet me – in an open class or private, at a retreat or online, I wish to share yoga from the intention that practice is there for you to sense, to hear, and to feel what you need, to navigate with ease.


Here in Majorca I teach different yoga techniques at our studio Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls as well as at

Earth Yoga and Palma Sport & Tennis Club.



Regardless the event or retreat you wish to create, I am passionate about listening to your background,

what you wish to do and why! To find the little twist that turns your event into a unique experience, an adventure for you and your guests.


My signum is to go beyond and further, to stay away from the conventional path to find that little extra.
Create experiences where we unwind and find new layers. Where new perspectives, new solutions and new languages are shaped. Where shared experiences

build common stories and new outsights.

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