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My work, practice and life is built on a yogic philosophy coloured by my cultural studies and collaborative ways of working as a creative producer in the world of performing arts and contemporary dance. Today I blend all my experiences and what’s most important to me is allowing a process where everyone is equal and valuable. Only in an atmosphere of true generosity and acceptance can we create curiosity for new pathways, new structures and new solutions - relevant for our time.    

I believe that what yogic philosophy, art and culture have in common, is that they give us perspectives to see ourselves and our context. Each view helps us create clarity and allows us to feel connected within and to our lives, here on this planet.  

Living on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca for many years has offered me interesting perspectives and a vibrant curiosity. Moving between countries and cultures has truly opened my gaze to fully appreciate what this beautiful island has to offer. Not only the spectacular landscapes, rich history and architecture, picturesque villages and beautiful Palma but even more, how every day life here reflects how the Mallorquin people care for and cherish their beautiful island home and their traditions. The way they stay connected to their islanders’ integrity and how they bring their innate knowledge into a sustainable future at the same time as they offer abundant generosity to those of us who have chosen to move here, makes me very humble and thankful!

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What my clients and students say:

"If you are dreaming of a way maker to accompany you along the road to a more joyful life, you have found her. "

"Among her many lovely qualities, is Sarah´s remarkable ability to hear in you, what you yourself cannot hear."

"After doing yoga for years, and even attending a yoga teacher training, Sarah was the one who coached me to a new and deeper level where I found more playfulness and ease. Forever thankful."

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