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As for many others, yoga offered me tools when life challenged me, a kind of coming home, like walking with a dear friend with whom you share life. It also brought me back to what I love about culture experiences;

a sharing of perspectives where you expand your views, comprehension and trust for how to be in this world. 


My own practice has guided me through different yoga studies and styles with many great teachers and an understanding of how different yoga techniques nurture and fulfil different needs.
We find many names for things we love; hatha, yin,

yang, vinyasa, aerial, virya, gentle flow, restorative, therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, meditation … and so on.

I have had the pleasure to deepen my practice and teachings through the ISHTA lineage,

which resonated with me as the acronym for ISHTA is “integrate science with hatha, tantra and ayurveda”.

It also means “that which resonates with the individual spirit”.

We are all unique and when we respect and listen to that unique potential the practice will guide us to find our own

path, let us lift our gaze to see in different perspectives. Support us to connect with our own inherent intelligence,

and inspire us so that we may see the world and ourselves with kind curiosity. 


I humbly bow to all the teachers I have studied with and the ones before them. I wish to express my particular

thanks to my ISHTA mentors Ulrica Norberg, Alan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Katrina Repka, Mona Anand,

Gina Menza, Peter Ferko, Wendy Newton as well as to all my yoga friends and colleagues. 


I look forward to discovering the practice that resonates with you, 

Namaste Sarah Elfvin, Yoga Master

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